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Bench Pressed

Booth No. 1947

Andy and Jane Shannon are the owners and operators of Bench Pressed, a letterpress shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Bench Pressed was founded on the idea that life is short and work should be fun. It should also include beer, tacos & new shoes. Their cards are tongue and cheek with a little sweet; perfectly to the point for all occasions.


Bruno Press

Booth No. 1946 :: Louie Award finalist for Holiday Cards
I inherited my print shop from my dad and have since been creating irreverent, wicked funny cards for any and all occasions. The greeting card line is created the old school way with hand set wood and lead type, images carved from linoleum and attitude & opinions for days. ‘Cause after all, I’m jist printin what yer thinkin!

Pixies & Porcupines

Booth No. 1951 :: Trendy Award Finalist for Greeting Cards

I’m part smutty design ninja and part giggle tease. In 2011, I created pixies & porcupines letterpress greetings; to taunt those you love most at life’s biggest moments! My unique bawdy wit has exploded into over three-dozen retailers and has been honored as a Louie Award finalist for the most humorous category. I’m just a modern day intellectual stripper with killer design gams.


Power and Light Press

Booth No. 1950
Bad Cards for Good People
Power and Light Press is a letterpress studio based in beautiful Silver City, New Mexico. I take great pride in the pursuit of fine craftsmanship, but work just as hard to hone a juvenile, sometimes inappropriate sense of humor. Power and Light Press specializes in off-color, hand-printed greeting cards, coasters, posters, and other paper goods.

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